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 My name is Christine Simeone.  Making things has always been my passion. Sewing was something I learned from my mother as a young child. She taught me to hand sew, embroider, and at age 10 I got to use the sewing machine.

  As a child of the 60’s, I was spellbound by the explosion of art, music, and social movements — especially the colorful creative clothing. People didn’t have to look like they walked out of the same department store as everyone else.  This was something I could do, this inspired me to create my own wearable art.  

I began making most of my own clothes, creatively patching holes in jeans for people and just making it up as I went.  I started selling handmade and embroidered peasant blouses to classmates in high school just to justify my obsession with making them.

  In the 90’s I started a line of clothing to sell at Renaissance Faires in New York and Florida.  I’m still out there every summer with my shop at the New York Renaissance Faire in Tuxedo, NY.  In addition to my costume business, I’m also working on new items to sell online and at art fairs. 

  I am essentially self-taught and as always, still learning.  

 My mission is to provide well-made, creative, and affordable pieces.  Small businesses are the heart and soul of the world.